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ASRA – Alert Schedule Remote Automation
Get all your AC functionality and more on your app, and access it remotely from anywhere you want.


  1. AC on/off

  2. Alerts and Scheduling for defined times

  3. AC temperature control

  4. Room temperature display

  5. Mode Switching

  6. Remotely access your AC from anywhere you want

The product works with Living Things App available for both Android and iPhone, all we shall need is the model of your AC, the model/OS of your phone, and a good pic of your AC remote

Only Available for Installation in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane

Living Things - Energy Saving Module

Smart Commercial Spaces can only be smart if they move beyond remote control of appliances rather let the appliances communicate with you to give you Intelligent Control. 

Increase Your Commercial Energy Savings with IoT based solutions. Get solutions, analytics & insights, & reduce your Commercial Space E-Bill upto 25%.

Covid19 Prevention Products

Neelkavach Kiosk


  1. Fully Automatic – No touch controls
  2. Mask Detection
  3. IR Body Temperature Meter
  4. UV Santization Chamber
  5. SMS notification on high temperature
  6. SMS notification on sanitizer refill
  7. Automatic Hand sanitizer dispenser
  8. Voice instructions
  9. C.E. Certified, ISO Certified


  1. Power supply : 230V AC
  2. Processing unit: Arm Cortex A72
  3. System on chip: Broadcom
  4. Memory: 512 MiB SDRAM
  5. Load cell: 5Kg
  6. Motor: DC
  7. Material: Mild steel
  8. LCD screen 22 inch
  9. Temperature range: Upto 1 meter
  10. Camera: 5 MP
  11. Certifications: CE, ISO

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