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Why Join Us!


We believe the "Team is above All", and we imbibe this value, in our every action.


The vision to empower innovators to revolutionise the hardware technology space in India and then globally is a vision worth pursuing.


We can guarantee, that the work that is assigned to you will be engaging and challenging. Your personal growth is one our paramount duties.


We are against micromanaging responsible individuals. We see mistakes as learning opportunities and you shall be encouraged to make a few.

Positions to Strive for!

Key Skills: Embedded C, embedded system, microcontroller, ARM, IDE, Communication Protocol, RTOS

— Hands ON experience with microcontroller and ARM processor like Atmega, PIC, STM32 etc.
— Software development kit experience like Atmel studio, MPLAB, proteus.
— Understanding of connectivity protocol like I2C, SPI, UART
— Programing skill in Embedded C, python.
— Understanding of communication protocol HTTP,TCP/IP, UDP.
— Knowledge of wireless module (Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth)

Key Skills: Android studio, nodeJS, python, java, and other application level language

— Ability to design android + IOS Compatible application.
— Server and database handling
— Ability to integrate any backend development.

Job Description: Managing Marketing Campaigns both Online and Offline.
Planning Social Media Marketing Strategies, and supervising their implementation.

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We prefer having conversations more than reading resumes so if you would like to join us on this journey simply mail us ‘Your Why?’ on

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