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We are Living Things Now!

An IoT Product Platform, innovating in intelligence inducing, energy saving IoT products.

Let's Understand the Problems of Innovators

The Big 'P's

There a lot of enthusiastic individuals out there who really want to impact the world with the technology they are creating. Researchers, creators, makers and innovators face certain 'key problems'.

  • Lack of an encouraging environment of other creators
  • Lack of knowledge about how to start creating good products.
  • Lack of educational resources
  • Lack of understanding of the viability of the product
  • Insufficient understanding of the market and how to sell
  • Lack of capital

How to Solve these?

Solutions that Impact

Solutions to the Big Problems of Innovators must focus on the roadblocks on different stages in the life-cycle of innovation. From inspiring a temperament of innovation to making available resources like educational material and capital, a cultural shift is needed.

  • Creating a thriving environment that inspires creators
  • Awareness about the strategies needed to start
  • Making available educational resources on product development
  • Clarity on methods to test the viability of the product
  • Methods to develop understanding of the market and learning how to have a repeatable sales model
  • Infusion of capital and a focus on 'How to raise funding?' strategies

What does iCapotech do?

We enable Product Growth

We enable innovators to nurture products from the fragile prototype stage to the finished end consumer product stage.

  • We collaborate with the innovator to produce products that really stick with the end consumer
  • We follow a customer centric approach to product development.
  • We have devised special research methods to test the market hypothesis and come up with a repeatable selling strategy
  • Our implementation of parallel customer development and product development model creates lasting customers with lasting products.
  • In short, we take a hardware technology concept from a 'Prototype stage' to the 'Product stage' to the 'Consumer stage'

Prototype > Product > Consumer

Go Beyond Prototype

A prototype is built with only a basic understanding of the concept. A product requires much more understanding and deep research. We have enthusiastic teams who delve deep into research.

Build a Robust Product

The Building of a Product that can be used by the masses or even big industries needs refinement, finesse, certifications, documentation and support. We build it for the long haul.

Understand your Market

Answers to questions like where does your customer reside, and how to find and target the market, are common doubts. We find these answers and build the product for consumers